Sunday, August 21, 2011

Team USA fights hard in todays team and pair competition!

Team started out the morning against number 1 seed Great Britian and had an unbelievable game holding the veteran players to 9-1.  Hawker, Labas and Oatis all contributed with many great blocks making it difficult for the veteran Great Britian team to score. Pairs players Hanson, Lobmeyer and Williams gave it their all against Belgium, Portugal and Argentina. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful in advancing out of pool. The team rests tomorrow and prepares as they look forward to individual play beginning Tuesday. Go Team USA!!


  1. How did team USA (Throwers) do against the other two teams in their pool?

  2. I got the scores..... Never mind. Work hard in individual play everyone. We'll be ok. Go team USA!

  3. Best Wishes Team USA from the Mason Family!