Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Team USA looking good going into individual play

Team USA started out the morning with head to head competition against their teammates in the BC2 and BC3 divisions. Labas and Oatis pulled out incredibly close 1 point ends on their own jacks to go into a 4-4 tie break situation. The tie break went down to the wire with Labas pulling out the win over his teammate Oatis. As the young rookie Labas had so intuitively suggested the night before competition "well at least we know we are going to get a win for Team USA". Labas went on to loose his 2nd match to Joao Paulo Fernandez in a very tight 2-3 match. Oatis battled hard in his second match as well keeping it to a 2 differential. Marck Harrison worked hard to block out Zhiqiang Yan of China who unfortunately kept moving Marck's balls that had been strategically placed. Marck played Pablo Sebastian Gonzales this morning giving up 2 points in the first end and only 1 point in ends 2-4. Marck continues to improve in blocking out his opponent and covering up. In the BC3 division, Hanson and Lobmeyer went head to head in what prove to be a repeat match of nationals. After the 3rd end it was tied 6-6. Hanson pulled out in the 4th end, placing his jack in the right short corner and scored 5 in the end giving him the win. In the BC 1 division TJ Hawker pulled out a win in the fourth end with the final 6-3 against Leena Sarela from Findland. Jennifer Jay fought hard to a 1-7 loss against Kam Lung Wong of Hong Kong. Patrick Elliott made his debut on the world stage with the entire Team USA squad looking on. As an unranked player he was forced to go head to head against Pinto Dirceu of Brazil. Patrick took away great strategy from the match and is looking forward winning against Domingos Vieira of Portugal. Stay tuned for future developments of today's individual competition!


  1. Hi Team USA ! Watched for a bit well 3 hrs while cleaning house! Saw other countries competing. That's ok learned much from being a spectator. Enjoyed seeing team USA and great Boccia ! Wow! Keep up the good play! Go Team USA !

  2. Very intense such effort from athletes from around the world! Regard, The Mason Family!

  3. Love the stars and strips uniforms! They look great! Regards, The Mason family